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: AW 2024 Secretariat : Fri, 11 August 2023, 12:00 AM

[AW 2024] Accepting Your Promotional Articles!

Greetings from the Coex Automation World Secretariat :)

We are currently accepting promotional articles from exhibitors who wish to promote their products, technologies, and trends.

The submitted articles will be posted on the 'Get to Know Our 2024 Show Exhibitors' section of our newly launched AW Newsroom.

Please refer to the attached file for more details.

- Subject: AW 2024 Exhibitors

- Submission Deadline: 2nd Fridays of each Month

- Submission Method: Submit application by email (sfawcoex.pr@gmail.com)

- Content:

Promotional Article about Your Exhibiting Product/ Technology/ Trend Posted on AW Newsroom, Official Website, and Blog

- Contact: Automation World Secretariat (02-6000-8699)

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