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[Industry Trends] TSI Korea’s PICKSYS introduces ‘PICKSYS MTS’ for easier automation

TSI Korea’s PICKSYS introduces ‘PICKSYS MTS’ for easier automation 


TSI Korea launched ‘PICKSYS’ to popularize Robot 3D Vision. PICKSYS provides 3D Vision and robots as an integrated system, so customers could easily use Robot 3D Vision. PICKSYS introduced 'PICKSYS MTS', a machine vision-based input and output automation product.

Machine tending automation refers to automating the process of supplying materials to machines using automated equipment such as collaborative robots and retrieving the products when the work is finished. PICKSYS MTS has features that differentiate it from existing machine tending automation. TSI Korea's PICKSYS, existing automation construction that can be easily automated, required separate design and software for securing the location and space where the robot should be installed, and deciding how to install and operate it.

PICKSYS MTS 사이즈 및 반경 

PICKSYS provides a single product from frame to software and collaborative robot, providing standardized sizes that deviate from the existing method. You can save a lot of time from robot type to system and design. PICKSYS MTS can be easily applied after identifying the site space.

At this time, in order to supply and recover materials to existing processing machines or facilities, various types of interface connections between facilities are essential. Usually, the interface between the robot and the processing machine is connected to send and receive signals, and the robot replaces the role of a person. Machine vision can be used when it is difficult to connect a processing machine and an interface. Using machine vision, you can build automation by checking the state of the processing machine without connecting a separate interface.

PICKSYS MTS의 Machine Vision 모습

Using machine vision, it is possible to determine the presence or absence of a product placed on a tray, and to perform more flexible work by checking the status by looking at the on/off switch of the processing machine. PICKSYS MTS implements the same cognitive functions as humans through machine vision, and realizes operating using machine vision rather than interface connection.

PICKSYS MTS의 Machine Vision 활용 모습

Therefore, PICKSYS MTS, a machine tending automation product, can build automation without an interface connection with a processing machine and can be moved with wheels. It is possible to build an automation system at a more reasonable price than before, and PICKSYS provides three types of contract services to purchase products with a monthly payment without burden.

PICKSYS has various lineups as well as PICKSYS MTS. Products suitable for each process can be proposed, and since they are introduced as products, field application is much faster and easier than the existing process. PICKSYS' products make it easy to start factory automation using collaborative robots and 2D/3D Vision.


TSI Korea’s PICKSYS introduces PICKSYS MTS for easier automation (hellot.net)

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